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Follow up, first and foremost, to be sure that your important information arrived.

I bassorilievi, linguaggio del bestiario medievale, saranno tradotti attraverso la narrazione delle storie che li crearono.

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Personalizing your resume and cover letter information is not going to do you much good if they end up on someone else’s desk (more likely their trash can or shredder). Following up speaks to your dedication and, again, reliability.

By going to the trouble of making sure the appropriate person has received your documents, you will obtain more information that you can use to your benefit, including: Even before the interview, the employer will see that you are organized enough to keep track of your applications and submissions, and plan accordingly. If you follow up on your application, you could likely be relied upon to follow up on delegated tasks or requests that are outsourced. Mind boggling, but true: Employers actually tell me that they cannot find anyone who wants to work. If you are not just going through the motions to satisfy a third party (unemployment, spouse, society…), follow up on every job application to show that interest. Here are some synonyms – every employer would find them a positive attribute: Okay, so maybe I am preaching to the choir and you agree that following up on your resume is a good idea. Start with a script to practice and refer to (use your own words): Hi, My name is ____.

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Following up on every resume or application has the following benefits: Just because you sent it doesn’t mean it was received on the other end.

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