Start Chat with random whores for free no email or sign up needed

Chat with random whores for free no email or sign up needed

So if you combine these two strategies, the 200 rep barrier becomes less important, since accepted answer rep doesn't count against it.

You should know the general idioms around a particular knowledge base and preach them where possible. "Being able to serve the under-served parts of SO [...] also means you get a lot more accepts, rather than just upvotes." is just a theoretical thesis.

Also check urban dictionary term=wall of text, In that case check whether already existing answer have covered all the things. Not because of the reputation but because that gives clickable names when migrating the question.

Sometimes more knowledge peoples will post quickly with all the thing need to be know about that point. Point #1 is well discussed, just search for the fastest gun in the west problem. Face it, at best you're only going to affect the ranking significantly if you and someone else posted almost-identical answers and neither one of you edits.

Most of the time, this will shoot my question to the top of the list and ensure upvotes a plenty.