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Despite having beauty, dope friends, the deluxe apartment in the sky, a lovely career as an attorney, designer clothes and a dog (a had never depicted her desperation at such lows as it did on Sunday’s episode.

After having sex with Chris (Jidenna), Molly is damn near begging him to leave clothes at her apartment. She’s planning into the future with a dude she just met.

As the season has progressed, the show is funnier, more compelling.

It makes for decidedly good, realistic TV in most ways — except for how Issa and Molly handle matters of the heart (and vagina).

This is the same guy she had great chemistry with but ultimately kicked to the curb because he works at Enterprise. I’m all about women not settling, whatever settling may mean to them. When Fusion asked Issa Rae if she feared that Molly was a stereotype, she balked at the idea. From Episode One, I was leery of the single black woman trope. My girlfriends are bad bitches who just don’t care enough about men to be thirsty or needy, but maybe that’s more unique than I thought. Her life is too poppin’ for her to fall apart when it comes to men.

It’s old and lame and has been done to death with very little nuance. But I suspect the opposite, that the tired clichés represented on . They’re honest with each other in a way that resembles the kind of joy I’ve found in my own friendships with other black women.

There are only so many times you can daydream about passionate sex with a former fling from a friends-with-benefits situation before reality knocks on your front door.

Or studio door, as it is in the case of Issa and Daniel on The series, currently in its first season, started off rocky with tired tropes about black kids’ belief that intelligence equals “acting white” (seriously, this theory has not been proven) and the tragic single black female narrative the media drilled into the cement back in 2010.

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Daniel’s been hanging around, like all men do who think they have a chance of having sex with you again, and Issa allows it because she wants to entertain the idea of them being a thing. Initially, she seems pleased with herself because she finally got what she wanted.