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First, from far away, comes a high whine like angry insects swarming, and then a trampling, like a herd moving through. Five cars, double-decker, tearing past at 50 miles an hour.

After the 2009–10 cluster, the school district had put together a comprehensive post-suicide “toolkit” and trained the staff on what to do to help prevent another cluster from developing. “Echo clusters,” meaning second clusters in the same location within a decade, are extremely rare.

Gunn’s teachers were told they could have a substitute for the day if they felt too traumatized.

He must have sent the text only a few hours before he died.

In her creative-writing class later that day, Tarn Wilson asked how many people were friends with Cameron, and a third of the students raised a hand.

She then asked how many had been in a class with him, and everyone’s hand went up.

The kids were usually “silly and joyful,” she later said, but that period, they were “utterly and completely silent.”That morning the school district’s superintendent, Glenn “Max” Mc Gee, called Kim Diorio, the principal of the system’s other public high school, Palo Alto High, to warn her, “This is going to hit everyone really hard.” Mc Gee was new to the district that year, but he’d known the history when he took the job.

Mc Gee and the other administrators worried about vulnerable students reading too many details and overidentifying with Cameron.

He had played basketball for years, so he knew people at both public high schools in town; his sister was in middle school; he seemed to have friends everywhere, and the grief was gathering momentum.

Alex Gil got to school a little late that day and saw people crying in the hallways.

The principal, Denise Herrmann, stopped him and told him, because she knew he was one of Cameron’s best friends, and he fell to his knees.

Diorio had been the head of guidance at Palo Alto High (“Paly,” as it’s known in the community) in 20, during the last suicide cluster, but the big differences this time, she told me, were smartphones and social media.