Start Free sites for casual sex chats in bangalore

Free sites for casual sex chats in bangalore

Here’s another article with Brazilian chicks for your perusal (sorry dudes, only 50 this time).

Still though, it’s not really worth it, and I would much prefer Nha Trang Vietnam, which has plenty of party Russians, plus beautiful friendly local Vietnamese girls, and also delicious food and a high availability of drugs without the retardation everywhere and creepiness of the Indian guys.

The Indians, despite their reputation for the Kama Sutra, Tantric sex and gods with 50 penises, are actually total prudes. My guess is that all the women hang out in at home in very unsexy saris and gossip about Bollywood.

Walking around on a Sunday afternoon in Mumbai I saw 15-20 men for every woman.

Perhaps some places I have not been yet, like Saudi Arabia or some AIDS infested shithole Sub-Saharan African country might be worse, but those places would be expected to be poor choices.

Statistically, one would think that India, with almost 10 times the population of Russia, would have an advantage, but there are very few Indian women that are even in the same league as an average hot Russian woman.

I’d take a hot Russian office chick over a Bollywood star any day of the week.

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