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My aunt is staying next street to my grandma's house.

Sex is a part of a travellers experience, even when youre not having any. Indian men my age are married, have let themselves go, and I dont play with married men. That means no nightclubs (unless its to hear a band or socialize with friends), no married men (you know who you are), no young men (darn) and a lot of patience.

Ill keep my ears open for other peoples stories, but until then I figure I have one of six options if I want to experience sex before I leave. He would have to be a long-stay visitor like myself and be similarly interested in a long-term, invested relationship. A younger man is sweet, clean and handsome but if his mother finds out, shell pull a few strings at the immigration office and have me deported. Like (2), this is a good scenario, but difficult and requiring patience and investment. Decriminalization of Gay sex in India will definitely boosts up the tourism opportunities for the Gay travelers from all over the world.

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the opportunity came and in the beginning i was reluctant.

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