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Law & Order SVU “Thought Criminal” brought forth an “especially heinous” person with especially heinous proclivities. Sure, Barba tried his best to make his case with no victim and zero evidence, hoping that a high “ick” factor would help to put the skin-crawling Simon Wilkes behind bars before he let his fantasies become reality.

Wilkes Sharon Washington - Arraignment Judge Welker White – Paula Walker Kimiko Glenn – Lily Deng Stephen Bradbury – Judge Colin Mc Namara Alison Fernandez = Zara Amaro Anne Carney – Jury Foreperson Jason Iannacone - NYPD Precinct Officer Rory Duffy – Uni #2 Diomargy Nunez – Uni #3 A woman on a web cam types in a message and says her name is Lucky.

She says she is 14 years old and she lives in Thailand.

Would it only be a matter of time before Simon made his inner thoughts some to life? However, in this case, defense attorney Minonna Efron is right; who wants to live in a world where someone can be put in prison for what’s in their head?

Behind Murphy’s back, Barba gives Murphy a shifty glance.

Barba asks if there are any in Manhattan, and Amaro replies there is one confirmed so far, with a municipal IP address of 1254.612.124.12 who calls himself “Flash.” Benson thinks that is the guy who told Lucky he’d like to meet her in Bangkok and bring her to New York.

Murphy sees he is still at work, and then tells Fin and Amaro to go pick him up.

At the city payroll office at 1 Centre Street in Wednesday, April 23, Amaro and Fin approach Gordon Montlieff, he thinks this is about payroll.