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One of the top fears for women having a baby today, besides the pain is that their babies will be too big.

CPI training and certification programs flexible solutions to meet the needs of health professionals Consulting services, staff training, program development for hospitals and community groups Calendar Updates The truth is women often need more help to successfully breastfeed then they are given.

The doula breastfeeding specialist stays with a woman and her baby, not leaving her side until breastfeeding goes well.

It’s not easy to immediately put what you learned into action (you might understand a subject theoretically but might not be comfortable enough with the subject to put it into practice).

Disclaimer: I received this book for free through the O’Reilly Blogger program. is a very short “book” on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), a way to tag and identify objects over varying ranges, and how to use Arduino to create a few interesting RFID projects.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free through the O’Reilly Blogger program. When you see “I am a sentence I am another sentence,” you know that you’re really looking at two different sentences even though the period between “sentence” and “I” is missing.

If you try something similar with the computer (try leaving the semi-colon off in C or miss an indent in Python, for example), you’ll get a nasty error message.

Just as a birth doula remains by a laboring woman’s side until she gives birth.

Childbirth educators can share the following handouts, worksheets, and resources for teaching birth classes. Join our email list to receive notice of future additions.

This book your computer to work with the looser languages used by humans (like English) instead of the stricter counterparts used by machines.

The content available so far gives you a brief background on the relevant parts of language — grammar, pragmatics, discourse analysis, etc.

Just ask our staff for a recipe card the next time you visit us. We provide catering, so please consider having your next office party or event catered by Mighty Khan’s.