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Malheureusement l'quipe administrative qui nous a accueillis, pleine de bienveillance en fin d'anne scolaire 2015-2016, devait changer la rentre......

And it gets harder still when teaching children with autism spectrum disorders.

The social interaction and the subtleties of non-verbal communication that drive relationships is often beyond what young people with ASD can imagine.

Madame La Ministre, Monsieur le Recteur, Notre fils Lucien 12 ans, a t diagnostiqu autiste en 2011.

Il a toujours t scolaris en milieu ordinaire sans et avec AESH (AVS).

Il fait l'objet aujourd'hui d'un refus de scolarisation du collge Lucie Faure auquel il a t affect.

Nous vous sollicitons donc pour faire cesser cette situation de discrimination qui va l'encontre mme de la loi et qui perturbe la vie de notre fils.

These initiatives might be grouped among three primary strategies.

"Autism at Work" and other targeted hiring and retention efforts by large employers: Microsoft's "Autism at Work" initiative has been the highest profile effort in 2016 by a major employer, targeting recruitment of adults on the spectrum and retention structures.

As they can find it harder to understand other points of view, they may not be able to identify when someone is interested in them − or taking advantage of them.

Meanwhile, in SRE lessons they may take everything you say literally and be confused by the information you share.

But 2016 also has seen the growth of the Autism at Work initiative by software giant SAP, as well as targeted autism employment initiatives at several other prominent tech firms: Salesforce, Google, Cable Labs, Hewlett Packard and Collab Net.