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I knew that she was making a lot more than that, but so what?

I asked her where she thinks that we were going and she nailed it on the head. She said, ” I just thought that after all the talking and the sex that we had after the other day, that it was just a matter of time before you would take me here.” Besides she said, “I’ve got nothing to loose with you and everything to gain afterwards.” I just smiled saying out loud, “this is going to be a very interesting night after all”. The officer was much bigger than me, black and looked annoyed. Dale and I had served in the same unit when we were in the Army and about five years after my discharge I ran into him in a down town restaurant, we renewed the friendship and we usually see each other a couple of times a week for lunch.

Read more → “Well that’s just great,” I sighed, looking in my rear view mirror. His arms were huge, bigger than my neck was round and stood a good four inches above me. Mimi had never met Dale, but Dale had seen every picture of Mimi that she had sent me when I was overseas and he recognized her as soon as she walked into his office. ” “Well, the uniforms, costumes really, that the girls have to wear are awful skimpy and revealing and along with the red high heels that complete the outfit the girls fairly invite sexual comments from our customers. Our target clientele is the well to do businessman who stops off on the way home from work to talk business with friends and clients and the appearance of our girls is meant to be an inducement to get them to come here rather than go some where else.

The red and blue lights were a giveaway that this was going to be a bad night for me. He had given her an application and while she was filling it out he left the room and called me, “What do you want me to do? If Mimi comes to work here she will be hit on from the moment she punches in until the time she gets in her car to go home.

I know I had been speeding a little bit but was he really serious about pulling me over for that? It’s not that big a deal, it happens,” my wife said. Her skirt was eight-inches long and straight up and down when she started working there but as the management realized their gold mine of truck drivers that went through they made a few adjustments. I don’t know how strong your marriage is buddy, but I’ve seen a lot of happily married women come to work here and end up as sluts.

Read more → My wife Jen and I have been married for 5 years.

Jen is a very beautiful 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds.

I’d check in with Dale a couple of times a week to see how Mimi was doing and he always told me that there were no problems that he was aware of, “Of course I’m only speaking for the two hours she’s with me.

Lenny, the night guy, told me he would keep an eye on her and he hasn’t said anything about problems.” Three months went buy and one day I called Dale and he said that he had heard that Mimi was doing a little ‘light hooking’ on the side.

I never said anything to my wife, but I did tell her that “Friday night we were going out someplace new and exciting”. “Good evening, ma’am,” he said, tipping his hat towards her. ” I simply told her to get a job and learn to manage her own money.

That day I took her to dinner with more then normal drinking on her part. She had on a dress with deep cleavage showing her huge set of tits, no panties, with a garter holding fishnet stockings, and three inch heels. She whined, moaned and bitched, but in the end she did go out and get a job and this is the story of how this job turned her into a slut wife.

that she was built like a brick house with just enough meat on her bones for a guy to really put a nailing to her.” She just laughed and blushed.