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Rates may vary based on age, county of residence, smoking status and the benefits selected.

She said that while insurance companies had decades of knowledge about the patient pool in existing employer-based networks, predicting the patient pool in the ACA, often from self-employed or part-time workers who never had health insurance, proved to be far more difficult.

As a result, insurance companies suffered losses in 2015 and have requested double-digit premium increases for 2017 in filings with the Maine Bureau of Insurance.

5 the company filed a notice with the Maine Bureau of Insurance canceling its plans.

Aetna will still offer individual plans outside the marketplace.

Incorrect projections regarding the health of the patient population was a major factor in the financial woes reported by Community Health Options, the co-op established in Maine and other states with a federal loan as part of the ACA.

CHO is currently being monitored by the Maine Bureau of Insurance, although its financial performance is on track with expectations, according to bureau filings.

Aetna’s withdrawal “materially increases” Anthem’s financial risk for a number of reasons, including that Anthem is “likely to receive significantly greater enrollment than contemplated in its rates,” according to Anthem attorney Christopher Roach.

The insurance bureau will likely finalize rates this week, although they must also be approved by the federal government.

CHO is also suing the federal government for $22.9 million under a program designed under the ACA to protect insurers from losses caused by faulty estimates.

CHO lost $31 million in 2015 and has set aside $43 million in reserves for 2016 to absorb losses. 5, said that the 19.4 percent rate increase it requested should not be reduced, due to the ripple effect of Aetna’s pulling out of the marketplace.

About 84,000 Mainers have individual marketplace coverage, according to insurance filings.