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Amy lee and shaun morgan dating

He is the former guitarist of both Seether (2008-2011) and Evanescence (2007-2008).

Evanescence has officially announced the release date of October 4th for their untitled third studio album, the bands first since 2006’s ‘The Open Door’.

The current lineup of the band consists of singer Amy Lee , Terry Balsamo on lead guitar, bassist Tim Mc Cord, and drummer Will Hunt who is currently splitting time with Staind.

At 12 years old, he first discovered the Seattle grunge movement after listening to Nivarna’s Nevermind album, which inspired him to become a musician.

He began to play the guitar, first learning Polly”, before starting to piece together bands.

Back in 2003 they were both young and in up and coming rock bands, the possibilities were endless.

After two years the couple split and as most break ups do; it got messy. So, good f—ing luck to Amy Lee and Troy.” After this began making the rounds in the press Evanescence’s management denied the claims that Mc Lawhorn had rejoined the band.

The latest edition to Evanescence is Troy Mc Lawhorn, who was just announced as the band’s new rhythm guitarist.