Start Andy and solbi dating in real life

Andy and solbi dating in real life

At the moment Andy became the head of the household and the emotional support of the family. also, from what ive heard, solbis been rather quiet and not-herself on shows lately.. im rather worried that something might have happened.. i just feel really down after reading all the ANBI comments at WGM thread in soompi.. But after I'm done with the activities for the album, the musical and the movie, and if I have time to get to know Solbi better, we can talk about a relationship."Appearing on the same episode, Saori was asked if she preferred her own We Got Married partner Jung Hyung Don or Andy.

andy is protecting himself so well that its hard to tell whether he does like her or not.. In about episode 5 or 6 of We Got Married show, I found it was cute when Andy looked at the mirror in Solbi's room, to make sure he looked good..Solbi? I think I really do want to get married soon after all."After the moving confession from Andy, DJ Choi Hwa Jung and singer Kim Hyun Chul all agreed that "Andy is truly a filial son."Source: mydaily Chi trans: [email protected] Eng trans: [email protected][][news] Andy presents latest song Propose to Solbi Singer Andy will be singing his latest song Propose to Solbi on the 11 May episode on SBS's "Quiz! Andy and Solbi are currently playing a newlywed couple on MBC's We Got Married. ., hope the two are dating already...hahaha...

its almost like they are married for real.for the CF invitations..

lol Episode 5 can be found english subbed on youtube Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 (vinchenzo79)hmm..

When my dad regained consciousness, he held my hand and told me "I'm sorry I couldn't do anything for you", after hearing that my heart was in even greater pain.""Although my dad woke up, but his health is still quite poor. Now I know how badly she wants to see me married."Andy even added, "When my mom sees me and Solbi on TV as if we're really married, she would laugh, and I'm happy to see that. Source: STARNEWSChi trans: [email protected] Eng trans: [email protected] @ saori's "i hate Don Don" but still using that nickname.there's gonna be a 100min special episode!!

He recalled, "The moment when I had to sign on the operation documents was the most difficult time of my life, and I cried.""My tears wouldn't stop falling, and I didn't know what to do. She has been telling me recently to get married quickly, and even told me to go for matchmaking sessions. or maybe that solbi's friends have convinced her that this relationship isnt worth it.. She replied with "I hate Don Don", and chose Andy instead.

i think its so sweet how solbi sos's her mom for help. Source: OSENChi trans: [email protected] Eng trans: [email protected] just love the "again" lol Edited by thehay1, - AM.

you can see shes really trying hard to please her hubby and friends.. she was talking about how she didnt want to embarass andy infront of her friends and how she wanted to look good and make her hubby feel proud of her..

Listeners felt jealous of them but yet felt that they looked really compatible with each other and will supported Andy and Solbi as a couple. They really have such intense chemistry and i really can see how their relationship is evolving from friendship to something much more special... its definately harder to tell than solbi's feelings..