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Banks validating customers

This bank made such a giant error in judgment that its safe to say that all banks should go ahead and validate parking for their customers.

At the time, John Barrier told a local paper: "If you have $1 in the bank or $1 million, I think they owe you the courtesy of stamping your parking ticket."Not a bad piece of advice for all customer service industries!

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When you see the small amounts deposited in your bank account, typically after 2 to 7 business days, complete the validation process by following these instructions: 1. The validation is only necessary if you want to add funds to your Pro Pay Account from your bank account.

Verify the information that has previously been provided. If the information is correct, select Click Here to start the validation process. Select Complete Bank Validation under the Additional Resources section, located on the right side of the My Account page. Keep in mind that it is not required to be able to process a credit card, send money to your bank account, or to use your Prepaid Master Card® Card.

Barrier had done his banking with Old National Bank for more than 30 years.

The teller had told Barrier that she only validated parking when a customer made a valid banking transaction.

Our devices read the full range of proof-of-identity and proof of address documents.

The central validation portal of the financial center is based on the recommendations of the Swiss financial industry for the customer-bank information exchange, and checks the conformity of generated XML messages in particular with the regulations in the Swiss Business Rules and Implementation Guidelines.

Back to top There is no fee to complete the Bank Account Validation.

Finance companies require customers to provide their identification to prove who they are before financial transactions are made: this is fundamental to the way in which regulated firms manage the risk of fraud and comply with the money laundering laws such as the Proceeds of Crime Act, the PATRIOT Act and the ongoing Financial Action Task Force against Money Laundering (FATF) initiatives.

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