Start Bisexual dating site in toronto

Bisexual dating site in toronto

Benson also points to the radical changes in Church Street demographics as property values and condo development continue their skyward climb away from the average queer’s reach.

“We’ve really geared it towards singles looking to date long term.

“But we live all over the city now.”With Cherry Bomb entering its eighth year of monthly hijinks, Benson and co-pilot DJ Cozmic Cat have been introducing even more social elements to the night to create a space where people can have actual conversations before things heat up.“Both of us really work to put a focus on the fact that it’s a queer women’s night that is truly exclusive,” she says.

“In January we started having games set up on the tables.

Magalas runs her speed dating events twice a month, generally on weeknights to provide flexibility for women who can’t make it out on the weekend.