Start Blackberry curve not updating emails

Blackberry curve not updating emails

No VPN connection is needed for the Web Desktop Manager.) Since the default software installation option places a folder, you may wish to remove that shortcut to keep Desktop Manager from trying to launch before you can establish a VPN connection (for instructions, see In Windows, how can I prevent a program from starting automatically? Once you have a VPN connection, you can launch the Black Berry Desktop software from the Note: The Black Berry Enterprise Server (BES) service will be retired by January 1, 2015; see ARCHIVED: About the retired BES (Black Berry Enterprise Server).

My solution to this problem was to leave the BB as my main mail retrieval device.

Check your handheld's calendar regularly to see any updates.

Back to top Back to top With the implementation of BES 5.0, the ability to synchronize your Address Book is automatically activated.

Can someone please help me out Here is a general list of things to check.

There are probably other ways to disable email as well.

Are the problem units all new, and what software version are they running? (Amazing how often the answer is "ooops") On the HH, in Mesages/Options/Email Reconciliation, is Wireless Reconcile visible, and set to On?

On the HH, in Messages/Options/Email Settings, is Send Email to Handheld set to Yes?

Black Berry® Business Cloud Services from Research In Motion (RIM®)' I can't find the settings to solve this problem.