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Cakelady dating

She made a cake for my Birthday, My wife had ordered it and it was good and it came out nice.

You won't find a fresher variety of fish or shellfish anywhere.

Annie did a great job on both the bride and groom's cakes.

The Crab Cake Lady Co., located in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, has been serving the freshest and best tasting crab cakes, fish and shellfish since 1973.

The Crab Cake Lady crab cakes are made with domestic blue crab meat.

Geez, get educated on things before you open your mouth. all thecakes she posts on FB are NOT HER'S gets images from the internet an advertises as if she made them..

Never once stating these are some examples I got from the internet, she portrays that they're hers .

but the truth is I DIDN'T make it she did and it was delicious.