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The Bible say he who ‘finds’ a wife finds a good thing and finds favour with God.

The profound damage that sleeping around can incur upon you is not spoken about, and the value of one’s body is limited to cliché quotes like “temple of God.” The truth is, Christians still have sex drives. Without counsel on how to manage their sex drive single men and women can find themselves caught up in perverted forms of sexual release, such as pornography or excessive masturbation.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a virgin or possess a sexual history. And too often, people think of marriage as “legal sex,” the answer to their inability to self-manage.

This is an easy way of saying I don’t want to face rejection so I will just wait for God to bring a woman to my doorstep.

I do believe some people are set apart, but I also believe God will never take our choice away from us.

Using this story as your model for romance is unrealistic, especially when Ruth goes and lays herself at an intoxicated Boaz’ feet. Beautiful story but probably not a model we should have as our precedent. Honestly, this is a difficult topic for Christians, especially when they enter into relationships.

It sets an unrealistic, and even unhealthy, expectation that a man is supposed to rescue you. How much touching is too much touching, and what are the boundaries that should be laid out?

Accordingly, my personal dating experience lies somewhat outside any Christian context.

So many guys knew of God, but few actually knew God – actually had a day-to-day relationship with Him.

Out of choice comes freedom and out of freedom comes love. She is waiting for her “Boaz” I have heard this line from Christian women so many times, but if they really knew the price Ruth paid for that man, they would gladly say: “Thanks, but no thank you.” The truth is, Boaz was estimated to be 80 years old when he married Ruth, who was probably in her 40s according to scholars.

This is why he refers to her as ‘daughter.’ It’s a beautiful book in the Bible about God’s redemption but note that Ruth was married previously. Celibacy and sex drives Tell someone you’re celibate and they look at you like you’re from another planet.

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