Start Consolidating itunes folders

Consolidating itunes folders

If the window doesn't appear, go to the File menu and choose "Transfer Purchases from i Pod."The i Tunes Store purchases on the i Pod will then move to the new i Tunes library.

This contains all music, movies, podcasts, and TV shows.

Select the folders that you want to move from the i Tunes Music folder (this is usually the entire folder, unless you want to select only certain artists/albums) and drag them to the "Library" section of i Tunes.

When that section turns blue, the songs are moving to the new library.

NOTE: using this method, you will lose the star ratings and playcounts on the songs being moved to the new library.

Whether you download or use a DVD, use the same process as with external hard drives to move your old i Tunes library to the new one.

If you're a more technically advanced user (and, if you're not, I'd recommend trying all the other options before you try this one), you may want to just network to computers together so you can drag and drop the i Tunes files you want to consolidate from one machine to the other.

on your i Pod, i Phone, or i Pad to a new i Tunes library.