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Consolidating library

If your i Tunes library comes primarily from the i Tunes Store, try this option.

There are dozens of these i Pod copying programs--some are free, most cost US$20-$40--and all do essentially the same thing: copying all the music, movies, playlists, star ratings, playcounts, etc.

This contains all music, movies, podcasts, and TV shows.

Select the folders that you want to move from the i Tunes Music folder (this is usually the entire folder, unless you want to select only certain artists/albums) and drag them to the "Library" section of i Tunes.

There are a few third-party software programs that will make the process of merging i Tunes libraries easier.

Among the key features of these programs are that they will retain all of the metadata--star ratings, playcounts, comments, etc.--that are lost using other transfer methods.

You'll find the shared computers in the left-hand column of i Tunes.

Home Sharing does not transfer star ratings or playcounts for music.

on your i Pod, i Phone, or i Pad to a new i Tunes library.