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Dallas texas guy dating

Comedy Guys hires professional comedians and actors to teach its driving safety classes.

For most locations in Texas, we offer overnight mail, including early morning arrival and Saturday delivery.

And for some cities, Comedy Guys even offers courier service, so you can get your certificate the same day it’s printed, if you live DFW within the area where courier delivery is available.

Some of the smaller schools are a sideline for someone. But our office is open five days a week, so Monday through Friday we’re answering the phones.

And the technical support number for our online defensive driving course is answered 24 hours a day, even on weekends. Customers are always contacting us by email or through our Facebook or Twitter accounts.

After all, everyone here drives on Texas roads, too.

Unlike most Texas defensive driving schools, Comedy Guys has an office that’s open every week day.

No business does everything perfectly, but at Comedy Guys Defensive Driving that’s always the goal. But if something ever does go wrong, we do everything we can to make things right as quickly as possible.