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Dating a gibson

For more details on Gibson Serialization prior to 1975 and historical product specs, use your Gruhn's Guide or view the following PDF files: Since 1989, all Gibson acoustics are built in Bozeman, MT and all Gibson electrics are built in Nashville or Memphis.

The Vintage Gibson guide was made possible in part by Maxwell Mc Collough who provided the beautiful photographs you see in the A-Model guide.

Information from George Gruhn and Walter Carter is used throughout the guide.

The only difference is the addition of this batch indicator.

Les Paul Classic: This model features an ink stamped serial number with no "MADE IN USA" (just as we used on the original 1952-1960 Les Pauls).

By the time the sunburst finish finally arrived on…

For many it's the defining Gibson guitar and the one of the finest years for production was 1958.

Not looking to mess with tradition the Gibson 1958 Les Paul Plaintop gives you a huge, raw sound from the birth of rock and roll right up to modern rock, country and blues.

Part of a limited run so every one is unique and just waiting to find the right guitarist.

The 1st digit indicates the year of manufacture for the 4 & 5 digit serial numbers, these were used from 1989-1999.

The 1st and 2nd indicate the year of manufacture for the 6 digit serial numbers which we've been using since 2000.

The early prototype models were hand-built by Orville Gibson himself, and are very thick and chunky looking as evidenced in this photo of his workshop with many of the earliest A and F model mandolins made hanging on the wall (photo used with permission of the Gibson company).