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Dating albanian

the list gets endless in women and fashion magazines around the globe.

I guess the wrong perception derives from the communism decades where divorce was almost illegal and society back then was heavily stigmatizing a divorced couple; therefore women were obliged to “stick by their man” no matter what.

Presentable– “They take care of themselves, are very fashionable, and present themselves in a manner that is classy and sophisticated without coming off as haughty.

On a more positive note, Albanian men tend to be loyal to their friendships. Albanians believe in a “give-and-take” relationship (marredhenie) and I have found this to be true.

Albanian men don’t take life too seriously, and live life a bit slower, enjoying the smaller and finer things of life.

I don’t know what irritated me most, likely the pros, but nevertheless I found it pretty entertaining.

In a period where women are overly preoccupied with “who are you wearing”, “how they can get their hands on the latest fashion”, or “how they can find a man who will buy them whatever they desire,” it is difficult to find that particular girl that knows how to treat a man.

You can always count on seeing young Albanian men looking at themselves in mirrors, flexing a muscle or two.