Start Dating an upperclassman

Dating an upperclassman

I identified as that overly-awkward girl because I thought she was who I was stuck with.

I used those shirts to make up for the fact that freshman year, I cut all my hair off and could easily pass as male without trying very hard.

The regression model found to be most useful could classify 93.9% of the respondents correctly as to the outcome variable of housing location.

The model contained five factors labeled as independence, academic integration, convenience, extracurricular activities, and personal acclimation.

As August comes to a close, students collect their worn backpacks and stuff them with notebooks and pens to prepare for another year of classes.

Mixed emotions fill everyone as the day comes closer to go to class for the first time for the school year.

These factors could become the basis for affecting change in residence hall policies and services aimed at retaining a higher number of upperclassmen in the halls.

The factors also provide a basis for further study in order to clarify and refine factor definition and to determine whether the results can be replicated.

I moved into my apartment on campus on August 14, 2015.