Start Dating mullard valves

Dating mullard valves

We are entirely self-taught with our ideals of Hifi Sound & it's been many years in the learning, you don't perfect your ideals overnight.

This gives potential buyers a Confidence in Hifi they'll consider to buy.

Look back at old Forums from 2010 & before & their range is very limited.

The junk you see on the Gadget Show that they rate as "Excellent Sound" is laughably sad. It's not so easy now as Phono sockets aren't on most TVs but you can use a Scart to Phono on the Ti Vo box or a DAC.

So today's technology usually ignores Hifi Quality, mumbly TV programmes we have trouble understanding even played loud on Hifi.

If we give a confident opinion on an amp & you can read many more pages of our opinion, you'll feel more sure to try it.

We heard of a few trying the Sansui 3000A when we first rated it highly & they will only have bought it based on our opinion.

You can pick out a fieldmouse rustling through the undergrowth or a jet plane searing through the sky with a sonic boom, all clear to be heard. Please don't experiment on collectable & wanted Vintage Amps, go play around with cheap 1980s ones. Why Old is better is for the lack of tight budget constraints, pricing to the penny to be competitive is one.

And yet today's Audio is heavily compressed & simplistic to suit playing through a Mobile Phone tiny speaker. We had the VM guy bring a new Ti Vo as the old one had issues. This guy is clearly a technical type & is older than us. Early Transistor designs like the 1965 Sony TA-1120 & 1966 Akai AA7000 are luxurious price no object designs made from scratch based on Valve Amp designs.

Treble so pure, Midrange so effortless & Deep Bass.

The Sony & Akai look great too as money was spent on making them look great, the Akai especially is probably the first "Designer" Hifi & should be heralded as an important Design, but it's been forgotten.

Despite this blatant 'taking us as fact' by Hifi Sheep, there are no false amps or red-herring info deliberately put to show up these that can only copy. As Technology advances with i-everything & everything ultra-portable, Audio Sound Quality has sadly been almost forgotten.