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Dating pakistan sex for muslims

Because about 97% of Pakistan's population is Muslim Given the diversity of Muslims, some of the most common events that are held in a Pakistani marriage include variations of the following.

A proposal party (Urdu: ‎) is a reception held at the bride's house, where the groom's parents and family elders formally ask the bride's parents for her hand in marriage.

Prayer and blessings for the couple are then recited, and the wedding date is decided.

‎) celebration takes its name from the percussion instrument Dholki, which is featured heavily during this wedding celebration.

However nowadays, love marriages are slowly becoming more common and acceptable in Pakistan.

Arranged matches are made after taking into account factors such as the wealth and social standing of their families.

Traditionally, since there were separate functions for both the bride and the groom, the groom's function was called 'Tael' (oil) where female guests put some oil into the groom's hair.

With the ceremony now held simultaneously for both the groom and the bride, the use of the term 'tael' has diminished greatly.

‎), the Henna ceremony, or the Rasm-e-henna ceremony, typically takes place one or two days prior to the main wedding day.