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Although some aspects of our work have changed in the last 90 years, the heart and spirit of midwifery care have not.

At Frontier, we remain dedicated to preparing nurse-midwives to provide safe, satisfying, woman- and family-focused, evidence-based care.

She co-founded a non-profit called Asociacion Mamasol ( to educate and advocate for more humane care of childbearing women and their babies.

“I drive through bumpy dirt roads, cross rivers and climb mountains out to isolated homes, sometimes without electricity.

“During my decades of midwifery practice, I have watched the concept of midwifery in a birth center setting evolve from being a new idea that simply made sense, to a model of care that is solidly backed by scientific evidence.

In a time of uncertainty and change in our health care system, birth centers are now beautifully positioned to demonstrate how we can provide services in a safe and cost-effective manner, as well as empowering women and strengthening families.

Whenever I feel myself get stressed, as I drive through a tropical rainstorm or thick mountain fog to reach a laboring woman, I think of Mary Breckinridge on her horse and remember that I am a Frontier Midwife!

About us The pace of contemporary is so frantic that people just don't have time for their personal lives.

I’m delighted that you’re considering nurse-midwifery education at Frontier Nursing University.

Dating back to the work of Mary Breckinridge in the beautiful mountains of Eastern Kentucky in the 1920s, ours is a rich legacy of nurse-midwifery care of women, babies and families.

Our curriculum has a strong academic and clinical basis.