Start Dating someone who is guarded

Dating someone who is guarded

The walls didn't one day magically manifest themselves around us — something occurred that made us unconsciously inclined to build them.

Some villains have no qualms about staying uninvited.

Don't expect a guarded girl to frivolously open her doors just because YOU know you're a good person.

After endless debate, the media have safely concluded that most children are not genetically born bigoted — but rather, at some point in their lives, learn to hate. Just like every human being, a guarded girl is born codependent, trusting and vulnerable.

A newborn can't survive without care – it's inherent within our infant souls to naturally trust the likes of our caretaker.

The damsel with the wide set, oh-so-innocent Bambi eyes that forever glisten with swelling emotion.

Moviegoers are collectively awestruck by this adorable specimen in her girly, yet tomboyish attire, gleaming with the glow of patience as she teaches her damaged male love interest the poignant lesson of loving with an open heart.

Maybe it was when we realized we weren't the invincible girls we thought we were and that scary characters could creep into our worlds and hurt us in places so deep, we didn't know they existed.