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The Government of Uruguay approved the Agenda Uruguay Digital 2020 entitled "Transformation with equity", which aims to advance in the countrys digital transformation in an inclusive and sustainable manner, with the smart use of technologies.

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This can be a very difficult question to answer as there are so many different factors which can contribute to the settlement that an injured party is awarded.

You can find out more information about how to make a claim and how much you may be able to claim from a personal injury expert.

I attended the Social Media and Disaster Relief Conference organized by the Indian arm of the Center for Strategic and International Studies hoping to learn something.

The existence of the Emergency Telecom Cluster was one new thing I learned about.

This service provides Financial, Psycho-Social, Nutritional, Home-Based and Legal support for the older persons who are enrolled in the service.

As an Affiliate of Help Age International, Fantsuam Foundation is able to make inputs into the various policy process taking place at Regional and Global levels.

When a teacher or other school employee looks after your child they are said to be acting ‘in loco parentis.’ This is a latin term which translated as ‘in place of a parent.’ There are an endless list of circumstances under which a child can be injured at school.