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Dawn richard dating 2016

It’s always given me hope to keep going and it’s gotten me here.

has only been in the music industry for a little over five years but she is already a survivor.

The world got to know her on ‘Making the Band 3,’ however, she wasn’t just another reality television star craving the spotlight.

As Richard puts it, “I wasn’t on a reality television trying to be an artist. In addition, Dirty Money just announced their 20-city Coming Home tour, which kicks off April 13 in Minneapolis, Minn.

I was an artist on a reality television show.” Audiences fell in love with her soulful voice and story; the New Orleans native survived the horror of Hurricane Katrina. Dawn also released her critically acclaimed mixtape, ‘The Prelude to a Tell Tale Heart,’ which is available for a free download at Dawn Richard

I don’t think he was saying, “She’s better than the rest of the girls.” I think he just gravitated to a different sound.

You have to look at his track record from Faith [Evans] to Mary [J. Not a better sound than someone else, just a different sound.

I can get married in any chapel, but as long as I have my husband with me, I’m good. The industry is just a house around you, if it crumbles, if you still have the love of your life with you, it doesn’t really matter.