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Fools rush in dating quote

Let me share these quotations from best loved films.. 7 tips on creating the perfect online dating profile ? Fools rush in---favorite movie quote: knew exact, wall decals.

But you- You are what I never knew I always wanted. You snuck out on me, and I never heard from you again.

And now you just show up, tell me you’re pregnant, and I'm supposed to know exactly what to do?

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I have five brothers, three cousins and one bathroom.

If a bus hits a guy, it's because he wasn't looking. It wasn't fate that you were in this line when I got off the phone?

...l think there's an explanation beyond reason, beyond all logic... ..the exact same time I showed up at this very spot.

And now i'm with you and i don't know what happened but somewhere between the tuna melt and your aunt's.