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Songs include Moonglow, Time After Time, and Mean to Me The Swingin’s Mutual!

I enjoyed the bravado and confidence he punches a song with. there were these little bizarre choices like throwing a party-stopping piano version of the world’s oddest song, Mac Arthur Park, into the middle of the collection. The over-sentimentality in a few of the ballads can potentially shut the whole vibe down. Dean Martin Sings is just a swell dip into the pool of a singer everybody knows about, but still may be limited to a Christmas album, or a couple hits on a Rat Pack collection or a greatest hits package.

I do enjoy this record and feel it’s well worth a point-out, but, I feel, you should be a big fan of "The Boy’s Club" in terms of 50’s & 60’s music to search this one out. Songs include The Lady Is A Tramp, Girl Talk, and L. This record is a bit more than just a smattering of Martin hits; this one is a great one to own if you don’t have any Dean Martin records, or just want a classic in your Saturday night arsenal to switch on as solid background for your martinis and manhattan cocktails.

Way back in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, the sounds heard over the basement radio, at the corner bar, or in the booth of a city nightclub were often as exciting and intoxicating as the cocktails themselves.

I’m such a firm believer in the cocktail vibe and all that means, that I feel it’s my duty as your cyber bartender to try and point out some musical gems you should consider purchasing or downloading for your home bar.

This is a strong, strong jazz vocal album, but it’s very inclusive of the listener.

I play it now all the time at my home bar and people love it … I would definitely classify this one as a jazz over vocal album, with Nancy just being an ultimate instrument.

Soft, but never meek, like one would expect, Debbie’s choice of twelve songs was obviously aimed at the 1950’s, adult, living-room listener.

The very tone that made a soft Reynold’s ballad captivating in her movies comes through on this debut, with a lounge singer’s confidence.

It’s a real American sweetheart set of pipes she sings with.

This, her first studio album, works very well at night as background music. Very much so, but her musicality dominates in an oddly sophisticated manner which I was quite surprised by.

They didn’t fool around much, focusing on a specific sound that was elegant.