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How to survive dating a marine

We all feel this way and understand your frustrations.

His father let me know when he called and then it was just a waiting game.

These pictures made him ecstatic and gave him a sense of normality!

He wrote me that he looks at them every time he writes me! My recruit LOVES to sleep but obviously what young man doesn’t?!

I know this probably shouldn’t be a problem, but remember not to send any inappropriate pictures. I know that for my experience I have been praying a lot and have been sending my recruit Bible Verses that exemplify encouragement and support. So I knew when it came to writing letters he would want to write me but also want to sleep.

You never know who could get ahold of them and it could get your recruit in trouble. To make this easier on him I would make questionnaires of questions I wanted him to specifically answer, and would give him multiple choice responses for each question (a,b,c,d) (yes/no questions).

The most important letters of support your recruit receives are from you and his family.

Writing letters should be a fun and exciting thing to do.

I just like to write mine everyday so that he always has a letter every night J Lots of letters are really encouraging the first few weeks as well.