Start Intimidating football names

Intimidating football names

These days, marketing types seem to enjoy non-pluralized team names, so it’s got that going for it as well.

What more significant historical accomplishment could possibly be honored by a name?

More and more, Thunder is growing on me, but I still believe the best choice amongst the various team names mentioned is the Metroplitans.

Geoff Baker of Granted, I’m not forging new territory here.

I spun conjecture regarding five potential team names as far back as fifteen months ago.

It’s one of the only names that references the area’s watery geography. That’s right, the Totems actually played them twice, losing 9-4 in 1972 but winning 8-4 two years later.

It’s not one of my favorites, but given the historical significance, it’s one of the names that has a solid chance of being chosen.

And this is another one of the names with a very good chance of winning.

After all, the Metropolitans were the first American team to claim the Stanley Cup.

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Big East (2005–2012) Conference USA (1996–2004) Independent (1970–1995) Missouri Valley (1957–1969) Mid-American Conference (1947–1952) Independent (1936–1946) Buckeye Athletic Association (1926–1935) Ohio Athletic Conference (1910–1925) Independent (1885–1909) The Cincinnati Bearcats football program represents the University of Cincinnati in college football.

I disagree, preferring to think of it as a blatant middle finger to Clay Bennett and Oklahoma City.