Start Intimidating pre game chants

Intimidating pre game chants

It is completely enclosed, with executive boxes (for the Prawn Sandwich brigade) in one corner.

As the off season is coming to a close, everything possible has been discussed by College Football fans during the break. I, of course, decided it was time to make my own list because; well, who wants to stand out from the crowd? Still, who doesn't like to curse a few times with 60k brothers? v=e2c Dk Fxp Yrc LSU fans are known to be the loudest and most intimidating fans in the nation.

Most schools do something to the extent of "Orange" and "Blue on opposite stadium sides or "Let's Go", "Hokies". Chants are there to annoy the competition and give the fans something to do.

At least Ohio State went out on a limb on this chant and used all four sides of their rectangle to spell out their beloved state!

The “Skylink” bus service runs to Derby city centre on a half-hourly basis.

Click here to check the current flight times Taxis There are several taxi companies in Derby that can take you to and from Pride Park.

Several fans have recommended the reasonably-priced cattle market car park, just off the A52, which is a 15-minute walk from the ground.

This car park can be reached by taking the first exit at the “Pentagon” roundabout, taking the next left and “doubling back” for some 300 yards. The Alexandra Hotel and the Brunswick, near the railway station, have both been recommended by visiting fans.

The Ramada Encore Derby, Locomotive Way, Derby DE24 8PU has a central location, a mere stone’s throw from Pride Park.