Start Investment bankers dating spreadsheet

Investment bankers dating spreadsheet

8 PM – Head to the conference room to eat dinner quickly with other analysts and then go back and try to wrap up an Offering Memorandum and presentation for Client A.

Click here and enter your email address to get a free merger model tutorial. This was a normal Sunday – some time for fun, some work, and being in the office for at least part of the day.

Necessity: Bankers always need to replenish their wife counts.

Excessive drug usage, long hours, and constant travel means that multiple divorces are just as common as multiple wives.

Pride: What kind of rich, successful guy only has 1 wife?

Come on, even in third world countries polygamy is common place, so why can’t you get yourself another wife or 3?

In this case the associate is handling most of the work.

2 PM – CFO of Client C (the private equity deal) sends updated financial statements and other information that we need to incorporate into our own models and into the materials we’re sending to the buyer(s).

This is going to take some time to finish because of the sheer volume of changes.