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Is ruby dating denny

Questioned about Ruby's situation Anderson opined: "He offers the first bit of good advice that she's heard in relation to parenting so, as much as she doesn't want to admit it, he does get through." Breeds said it was a "genuine teenage infatuation" and Ruby was "drawn to his maturity" rather than his physical appearance.

It destroyed her trust in Charlie and their relationship never recovered.

Ruby was created by executive producer Cameron Welsh.

When she was first introduced she appeared to hide her problems and pretends to be strong.

In other minor storylines, Ruby has come to terms with having diabetes and discovered a talent for singing.

Breeds is a classically trained singer and she had to change her voice to suit Ruby's amateur vocals.

Breeds felt the storyline differed to her romance with Xavier, as it showed Ruby "headstrong and unconfined". Ruby later develops feelings for Romeo Smith and attempts to ruin his relationship with Indigo Walker.

Off-screen Breeds is dating Luke Mitchell who plays Romeo, they had both previously stated they did not want their characters to get together in case it created problems for them in real life.

She also said it was "lacking passion, which everyone deserves. I guess with that in mind you wouldn't let anything get in the way of that.