Start Itemupdating event fires twice

Itemupdating event fires twice

I don't know whether i am going in the right path or not to solve this above problem.. So here's what I got when a user clicks the tabs: So I need a server side function such that when a user clicks Hello guys. As an extra note I have actually set the Collect SPRequest Allocation Call Stacks to true, this is all the information that it gives me.

You do want to make sure to call Enable Event Firing when you are done however.

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I’ve heard of people running into this issue a few times and it’s not all that obvious what the proper way is to do this.

However, if you upload a file and then assign it a content type, for example, content type "A", the result is that you are changing the content type of the file from the default to content type "A" after it has been added to the document library.

The MSDN documentation on the Item Updated and Item Updating event make no mention of a method called Disable Event Firing.

It turns out that by calling this method at the beginning of your event receiver you can prevent yourself from getting into an infinite loop.

This walkthrough is based on the first one where I have a custom list with planets of our solar system.