Start Jews dating blacks

Jews dating blacks

Although the number of protests and participants seems to have diminished, there is a new, developing trend.

A few Jewish men even married black women in the 1960’s.

Using tidy bullet points to highlight the merits of Jewish men, Nazaree states: “Jewish Men Open Wide Instead of Down Low; Jewish Men Are NOT Looking For Someone To Take Care Of Them; Jewish Men Attend And Graduate From College; Jewish Men At Least Attempt To Marry Before Making Babies; Jewish Men Are Great With Financial Planning And Stability; Jewish Males Don’t Take Everything As A Challenge To Their Masculinity.” Nazaree’s dating advice in a nutshell: “If he doesn’t call when he said he would call, just assume he’s a liar.

Don’t waste your time trying to figure out what’s going on; just move on and then go find a Jewish guy to date.” “The Jewish way of dating,” according to Nazaree Hines-Starr, “explores the phenomenon of falling in love, except with some common sense.” Nazaree’s book concludes that Jewish men “receive extensive training in manhood” and “are often raised with traditional gender roles where the men seek to take care of the women.” “Why Every Black Woman Should Marry A Jewish Man” by Nazaree Hines-Starr is available in paperback on and for Kindle tablets, and at Nazaree Hines-Starr Pharm D, is a full time pharmacist and author living in Annapolis, Maryland with her Jewish husband, Michael.

Hines-Starr was inspired to write “Why Every Black Woman Should Marry A Jewish Man” after finding true love with her Jewish husband.