Start Liquidating money

Liquidating money

If you’re owed money by a person or company that can’t pay its debts (is insolvent), how you claim your money back depends on their circumstances.

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If you’re considering remodeling or renovating your kitchen or bath, Lakeland Liquidation has an experienced staff that will help walk you through the various options that you have as well as use state-of-the-art computer software to create a digital 3D layout so you can see exactly how your new layout will look like before you spend a dime.

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At Lakeland Liquidation, we offer top quality, all-wood, kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.

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With the right Liquidator, support and advice, Voluntary Insolvency can be an ideal way to close a company that has just got too much debt to carry on effectively.

The Liquidation process offers a way out of the problem.

If you’re owed money, you’re a creditor of the person or company that is in debt to you.

You have various options to try to get your money back, depending on the situation.

You may well feel that your business dreams are at an end.