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Later, the stocks of the East German arms trade company 'IMES' .

The German Ministry of Defense (Mo D) provided parliament with varying figures regarding the total number of installations it took over in the former GDR-between May 1991 and May 1994 inter alia the follow-ing figures were given officially: 2,250, 3,320, 2,280, 2,235 and 2,288.

Introduction The fall of the Berlin wall and the succeeding German reunification left the Federal Republic of Germany's Bundeswehr with an additional, inherited army, the former East German National Peoples Army (NVA).

The personnel, infra-structure, weapons, ammunition and all other types of equipment of the former East German armed forces-supplemented by weaponry former-ly owned by the East German Intelligence and internal Security Services (Stasi), the border troops and other armed units-ended up under Bundeswehr ownership, custody and responsibility.

After taking possession, the Bundeswehr argued repeatedly that this listing was by no means correct or complete since the NVA did not keep reliable statistics on its holdings.