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Myers brigs dating

Sensing Weaknesses: Sensing guys tend to be overly irrational and make lots of mistakes running down blind alleys.

Think Casanova, or in the pickup community guys like Zan.

Feeling men can stir wild, sexual feelings within women naturally. Feeler Weaknesses: Feeling men, even if they have strong game and get laid a lot, are constantly getting their asses kicked by oneitis and other related relationship problems (like drama and cheating). Thinker Strengths: Thinkers are monsters, in a good way.

It’s a big topic, but all I’m going to talk about today is your MBTI in terms of dating and seduction. Go here if you want a detailed description of what each letter means. What I going to do is quickly summarize the strengths and weaknesses of each aspect in terms of you sexually seducing women.