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Norman reedus who is he dating

However, as the footage begins, you'd be forgiven for thinking Dwight was actually another We know that Dwight has a particularly intense vendetta against Daryl following their first encounter in the episode "Always Accountable" in which he steals Daryl's motorcycle and crossbow.

‘s Norman Reedus, but one of the reasons he’s so distinctive is definitely his long, flowing, slightly greasy locks.

Seriously, whenever we think about Daryl Dixon, we think about Daryl’s hair (and also about how he’s totally in love with Carol, but we digress.) Norman Reedus has the slightly unwashed but still cool and weirdly kind of attractive biker-slash-bass-guitarist look down pat, and we don’t really know why, but we’re sort of… Whatever, whatever, don’t judge us, you know if you’re honest with yourself, you are too.

Until more information is released, it’s too difficult to tell what is happening behind the scenes.