Start Onvalidating file radupload

Onvalidating file radupload

I am using On Client Validation Failed method as show in the demo example.

Telerik Rad Upload is a set of three controls for uploading files and monitoring the progress of uploads (or other long processes). I uploaded the File using Rad Upload Control and store the data in Binary Format Now I got the Binary Data and I need to load the Retrived Binary Data in Respective File Viewer...

I am uploading image using Rad Async Upload and stored the image in Binary format in DB and now I am trying to retrieve the data and I need to display the image in Rad Binary Image for that I implemented ... Net2 from Telerik using a simple page, but i'm getting a null reference for the next line of code: Uploaded File file = Rad Upload Context. It is working well locally (on localhost) but not in the server.

QUESTION Is there a way to validate invalid file paths in the file upload control?

If the user enters a path like "aaaaa" there is no error reported to the user, the form does not submit, it just stays doing nothing.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Aim: To gain some kind of client side validation to restrict users from adding more than a pre-determined limit of files based upon total size of all uploaded files, not just each file or number of files... Hi I would like to check for the file size, file name length, and file type on client side when a file is selected for upload and then dipaly a custom error message for each validation failure.

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