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Orlik pipe dating

One thing I've noticed is most of the old Loewes you see look rode hard and put up wet, which tells me that their owners loved them and smoked them, which is the highest praise any brand can gain.

I actually had that kind of bank on account there at the time, and I agonized over that pipe and a Dunhill Chestnut billiard.

I love that billiard but every time I smoke it I think of that Asteriou Liverpool and I will have to commision one from him at some point just so I can stop kicking myself for not buying it.

The first couple of tobaccos I ever smoked in a pipe were aromatics.

I moved on quickly, because the great tin aroma never translated into the smoke for me.

Next stop was Latakia blends, where I happily stayed for a long time.

I also explored Burleys, after a generous forum member sent me a big selection to sample.

A shape catalog that is very, very English, outdated by today's standards for all but the most ardent Anglophile.

Stems that mirrored the fantastic cut of a Comoy's hand cut stem, with the added bonus that the earlier pipes had stems using a softer vulcanite.

As I was winding down figuring out how to finish my half completed cellar, I decided I'd better revisit straight Virginia tobaccos again, just to be sure I wasn't making a mistake in omitting them from my cellar. I scrambled, building a cellar that was focused squarely on straight Va's, with enough Latakia and Burley to provide some variety. I've since revisited a couple of quality aromatics, and I don't hate them, but I still am left feeling that a lightly cased Virginia tobacco provides more flavor and better tobacco satisfaction.

For me it's difficult not to smoke straight Va's to the exclusion of all else anymore.

Almost rubbery, like Charatan Double Comfort stems, or for a modern comparison, like the very soft ebonite Dolly Wood cuts Ferndown stems from.