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Pastor melissa scott dating paul crouch jr

Study your history people along with your Bible and don't go to a sevice to be spoon fed religion or you'll be duped.

mat 19:7 they say unto him, why did moses then command . there was however a "saint nicholas" that did give gifts to the orphan children of his city. the shepherds wouldn't be tending their flocks on the hillsides of the land in december, it would be far too cold.

from the trinity broadcasting network sent me this . as much as i love jesus and appreciate what he did for me on the cross, i think a cd . early christians tried to stop their practice but when they found it impossible to change them they figured that if they were to stamp christ on it that might be what is needed to convert these "heathen".

, who has assumed greater control over tbn operations . early broadcasting careeraccording to the suit, paul crouch jr. they knew disclosure was inevitable and did not want to be associated with the . i hope you want to learn things from me just like i hope i learn from you! The truth about their origin and how the symbols came into use. christmas, our most celebrated holiday, dedicated to remembering our lord's birth, is and has been so commercialized, that the true meaning, for most of the world that celebrates it, has been obliterated.

His band used to play a number on the subject called "Go to Hell Real Ugly ('Cause Hell Yer Gonna Split"). Most pornstars either hate men, are bi sexual or marry their dads. She's also a charlatan who claims to read and write in 18 or so languages, and claims to be an expert in Greek translations of the bible yet has someone else draw them on the blackboard before the audience files in.... Apparently she just makes up half the stuff she "translates" and is spending the ministry money left and right.

doctrine is already found in the bible, then why did paul crouch . i'm not saying that we should not celebrate christmas, but we should teach the truth about christ, and when he was born, then maybe fewer of the young generation will turn off of god, when they realize that santa clause and the easter bunny are only lies. when nimrod died she was found to be with child, and to cover her adulterous affair, she claimed that nimrod became the sun and a sunbeam impregnated her with a child who was nimrod incarnate.

paul said that the feasts were types and shadows that pointed to christ. nimrod the “great hunter” was wed to semiramus, also called freila in another language.

satan has introduced other holidays and he has tried to stamp the meaning out of gods perfect times.