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Pros cons dating band member

Con: The mob mentality For as smart and mature as he may seem one-on-one, the fraternity boy suffers from the occasional bout of idiocy and less-than-classy behavior.

“[The fraternity] got me through that breakup,” Hatcher says.

“Because they have tons of secrets that they can’t tell anyone, I felt like I was on the outside looking in,” Hopkins says.

Fitzgerald, though, advises that all a girlfriend needs to do is leave some room for guy time.

“I think he set a tree on fire one time,” she says.

“The old [him] never would have done that.” Four Habits of Highly Effective Fraternity Girlfriends Thinking about starting up a fraternity romance?

Hatcher, who met her former boyfriend long before he entered the bonds of brotherhood, says she thought the experience made him a better, more social person.

“I liked it because he was always so shy,” she says. He was asserting himself more, and it made him more ambitious and taught him how to balance a schedule.” Fitzgerald says after serving his term as president of the fraternity, her boyfriend became much more mature, having dealt with the responsibilities of his position.

“They babysat me every step of the way.” Elon junior Cece Fitzgerald says her year-long relationship with her boyfriend extended her friendships with his brothers.