Start Raymond lam dating karena ng

Raymond lam dating karena ng

Lam attended the 13th TVB artists training class in 1998 as an auditing student and was offered a contract with TVB upon graduation in September 1998.

When Raymond’s father saw that his son was taking care of Karena’s entire family not long after dating, Mr.

Lam was certain on what was truly happening.” The source added, “Since Raymond realised his father had complaints, he has not yet arranged to have his girlfriend meet him.” Last month, the paparazzi reported that Karena Ng has been living in a luxury apartment at the mid-level sections in Hong Kong.

Raymond Lam (林峯) shared about his dating hardship with Karena Ng (吳千語) in Chinese show, Shi Zai Jiong Tu (食在囧途) earlier and needed to eat continuously and gain weight as a result.

He said: "She eats more than me around half portion and remains slim despite not exercising.

As reported on Popular Asians, rumours are rife that the real-estate developer is doubtful about his son’s new relationship with the 19 year-old Karena, as he suspects that she is out for his money.

Raymond’s father was wary of Karena Ng’s romantic past, as the actress has reportedly cohabitated with Ellen Wong’s son, Derek Lim, and was also romantically linked to textile entrepreneur Lam Kin Ming’s son, among other wealthy elite men.

According to On CC, the actress, who attended a charity event recently, stated that she is still too young to get married at 22."There are a lot of things that I want to do. People still check his ID when we are travelling overseas.

As long as you are young at heart, age is just a number," she added.

( However, Raymond already indicated he won't announce his marriage plans to the public.

He also revealed he would like to still have the energy to play basketball and soccer with his kids when they turn 10.

As stated by the report, Raymond has more free time after leaving TVB so he likes to spend time at Karena's place to eat her home cooking.