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Ryan thomas gosling dating

Of course, all the split talk wasn't a complete surprise given how it's been over three months since the lovebirds have actually been publicly photographed together.

As you know, Ryan Gosling is a world-class actor from Canada.

For those who wonder who his girlfriend is a mining and dear we list.

Ryan Thomas Gosling was born on 12 November 1980 in London, Ontario to travelling salesman Thomas and secretary Donna Gosling.

He is the second of their two children and has an older sister called Mandi.

Sandra Bullock starred as the detective investigating the crime. Despite the film only being a minor success, Gosling received high praise for his acting.

The same year, he appeared in 'The Slaughter Role' before taking on the role of a teenager in prison for murdering a disabled boy in 2003's 'The United States of Leland'.

When asked where she would like to die, the 39-year-old replied, "In a bowl of penne arrabiata..what about Disneyland, isn't that the Happiest Place on Earth?