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‘So, (Hoover) had this tape where Jerry Ford was having oral sex with Ellen Rometsch.

Afterwards, Jackie placed lilies of the valley on the earth.

Then, holding hands, the widow and younger brother of John Fitzgerald Kennedy returned to their car.

‘When I see my Negro friends, I tell them, “You go say a little prayer for LBJ.” Because I said, “The Voting Rights Act made us all equal.” The only way in hell that Senator Obama ever got elected president was because of the Voting Rights Act.

I said, ‘It’s the greatest thing that’s happened to our country,’ Baker said.

Once in office, Kennedy clearly revelled in the role as Baker recalled a time the two of them were walking through the back offices of the Senate: ‘We had these sofas and chairs, and there’s the mirror where…

Kennedy said, “God, why did you make me so beautiful?

Because Jackie was still alive, my interviewees were reluctant to discuss the romance in detail.

Following Jackie's death in 1994 - and after I had begun work on RFK, my biography of Robert Kennedy - interview subjects, old and new, were more eager to explore the topic.

In one instance, Baker was shocked to learn that a Democratic Senator from Oklahoma- who should have supported President Kennedy’s Medicare program- had struck a deal with doctors in his home state who were opposed to the proposal and then bought off at least one fellow senator for $200,000.

Even getting President Kennedy in office cost a pretty penny, as Rein Vander Zee- a top aide to Kennedy’s Democratic rival Hubert Humphrey- revealed that the Massachusetts man’s family paid up to get him into the White House.

They were joined in grief, but soon their relationship went beyond shared sorrow - becoming a clandestine affair that ended only when Bobby decided to run for President in 1968.